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Property Maintenance & Swimming Pools

Town of Marion Public Notice

The Town of Marion Code Enforcement Department would like to clarify some of the Town of Marion codes as they relate to property maintenance and swimming pools.

Property Maintenance

– Grass and/or noxious weeds shall be cut to a height not exceeding 6 inches

– No junk, trash and/or unsightly debris shall accumulate on private property

– No unlicensed, inoperable, junk or wreaked motor vehicles, trailers or watercraft shall be kept on public or private property unless they are covered with an approved vehicle cover.

(Note: Only one covered unlicensed vehicle will be allowed per parcel)

Swimming Pools

(The following regulations apply to all swimming pools, including portable/inflatable pools that are designed and capable of holding in excess of 24 inches of water)

– A building permit is required for all permanent or temporary pools capable of holding a water depth greater then 24 inches

– A barrier that is in compliance with the Residential Code of New York State shall be required for all swimming pools, whereby the measurements from grade to the top of the pool is less then 48 inches

-A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) shall protect all pools requiring electrical

Note: Although the self-set or quick-set swimming pool(not rigid metal walls) has a 48 inch wall or greater, it does not obstruct access because it is not rigid and therefore does not meet the requirements of the Residential Code of New York State as a barrier. The wall can easily be deflected by a child who grabs onto the top inflated ring. Pool gates and folding ladders need to be locked when unsupervised.

Note: Each swimming pool installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 14 2006 shall be equipped with an approved pool alarm pursuant to Part 1220.5 of the Residential Code of New York State