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  • Demolition

    Public Service Announcement – The old laundromat, that had a fire in 2020, located next to the Municipal parking lot south of the Elementary School, will be torn down on…

  • 3.13.2023 Town Board Meeting Tentative Agenda

    Below is the Marion Town Board meeting Tentative Agenda for AGENDA Monday March 13, 2023   6:30 PM           Call to Order Roll Call Pledge of Allegiance If you are attending…

  • 2023 Offices to Elect

    The following Town of Marion position will be up for election in November 2023.  If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the Wayne County Board of…

  • Town Board Public Participation

    If you are attending a Town Board Meeting and have not signed up for Public Participation Section of the Town Board Meeting pursuant to the rules which have been established…

  • 2019 Town of Marion Comprehensive Development Plan

    Town of Marion Comp Plan