We are anticipating significant winter weather this weekend with heavy snowfall, high winds, and below zero wind chill starting Saturday Afternoon and continuing through Tuesday. This will place a significant strain on employees and equipment working in these conditions. Deputy Highway Superintendent, Steve Taber has stated, “For the past two days Town employees have been preparing for the upcoming snow event and we will do our very best at managing the roads during this storm for whatever may come this weekend. Understand that our typical services of clearing roads will be hampered by the 30 to 40 mph wind, frigid temperatures and accumulating snow at an inch per hour.”
The Deputy Highway Superintendent suggests that you prepare early so that you are not on the roads during the difficult travel that is anticipated. The Town of Marion Highway Department would like to thank all Town residents for following these safety tips. Your cooperation improves our efficiency, safety, and is very much appreciated.
1. There is a no parking ban on all roads in the Town of Marion from November 1st to April 1st. Please keep parked cars off the roads. If a vehicle impedes traffic or obstructs our snow plowing operations it will be towed at the owner’s expense.
2. Please refrain from plowing snow from private property onto or across public roads. This presents a hazard to drivers and is, in fact, illegal. It is also best to plow snow to the right side of your driveway (if looking toward the road) in order to avoid having the plow push snow that has been cleared back into your driveway.
3. Please keep a safe distance behind Town trucks, plows, or any large vehicles. Trucks frequently back up at intersections, please give them extra space.
4. Never let children play in snow drifts or banks near the road. This is very dangerous as it is very difficult for plow operators to see them.
5. Keep your house numbers clear and visible in case of emergency. If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, consider shoveling out around it.
Stay safe this weekend.


Highway Superintendent:
Timothy Boerman
Phone: (315) 926-4201