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1.24.2022 Town Board Meeting Agenda

Below is the Marion Town Board meeting Tentative Agenda for Monday, January 24th.  Meeting starts at 6:30pm in the Marion Municipal Room.


Monday January 24, 2022

6:30 PM           Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

If you are attending a Town Board Meeting have not signed up for Public Participation Section of the Town Board Meeting pursuant to the rules which have been established (24 hours prior to start of meeting), then you will not be able to express your opinion. As a courtesy to those who attend the Board Meeting, you are requested not to interrupt the meeting, and refrain from conversation that would interfere with those attending being able to hear the Board transact its business. If in fact someone interferes with the meeting or the conversation with other spectators should require a warning and it is ignored, the person could be charged with Disorderly Conduct. For public hearings, speaking will be limited to topics on the agenda.

Town Business: 

  1. Update Town Hall Renovations
  2. Sidewalk Snow Removal/ Main Street Businesses
  3. Park –
  4. Oil & Stone Walking Path – Quote
  5. Parking Area – Quote
  6. Playground – Emily Foster Dasson
  7. Restroom – Quote
  8. Electrical Installation Security Cameras
  9. Library Door – Status of Installation
  10. Terms of Office Elected Officials

 Citizens Comments:


  1. Marion Events Organization
  2. Invitation Jennie’s House Showing


  1.  Payment of Claims

Resolution #1 Payment of Claims

Presented by:              Moved by:                               Seconded by:

WHEREAS, the Marion Town Board has received and audited the following claims: now

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Supervisor is hereby authorized to pay said claims upon receipt of the signed abstracts of audited claims from the Town Clerk.


General                                              247,871.00




Street Lighting

Federal Stimulus Money

Trust & Agency

Total                                                 $247,871.00      

 Additional Citizen Comments