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Town Board Meeting minute 4-26-2021

TOWN BOARD Meeting Notes

Marion Municipal Building

Monday, April 26, 2021


A Town Board meeting of the Town of Marion, Wayne County, NY was held on

Monday, April 26, 2021 at the Marion Municipal Room and via Zoom on-line conference.

Supervisor Bender called the meeting to order at 6:30pm with a roll call done by the Clerk of the Board.

PRESENT:         Joan Fisher, Councilwoman – Via Zoom

LaVerne Bliek, Councilman

Ronald Lonneville, Councilman – Via Zoom

Deborah Smith, Councilwoman

Jolene Bender, Supervisor



OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE (via Zoom): Angela Patterson; Kathy Cauwels; Caryn Devlin; Lonnie Levan; Mike Cramer.

Supervisor Bender asked everyone to stand and give the Pledge of Allegiance.

Town Business Discussion:

Supervisor Bender spoke first regarding a complaint the Town of Marion has received. The Fire Department trucks are having a hard time leaving the Mill St. entrance.  A change to the entrance was made in 2020 during the Mill Street road construction project that was completed by Wayne County.  A meeting with the Fire Department and Wayne County Highway Department will take place on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 3:30pm at the Mill Street entrance.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Town Clerk Heidi Levan spoke next after receiving information from the Court Clerk, Terri Ryan.  The Municipal Room now has a 50% capacity, as per NYS Court System.  However, each person must maintain a 6’ social distance and wear a mask.  Keeping the 6’ social distance in mind, the room can hold 17 people.

Supervisor Bender next asked Town Clerk, Heidi Levan to speak regarding the estimates she received for a new website and IT work.  Planning & Zoning Board Clerk, Angela Patterson would like a new website for the Town of Marion.  Ms. Levan called both the Town of Ontario and the Town of Walworth to inquire as to how much money each Town spent on their new websites.  The Board received this information.  After a lengthy discussion, the Town Board decided once again to not spend money on a new website this year.  The Board will discuss adding money to the budget for 2022 if they choose to upgrade the website.  Ms. Levan next spoke regarding IT work.  John Lonneville spoke up and offered to work with Ms. Levan to find other vendors to provide IT services for the Town of Marion.

Supervisor Bender spoke next regarding a new Bicentennial banner that was given to the Town of Marion.  Supervisor Bender would like to see it hung off the upper railing at “Jennie’s House”.  John Lonneville offered to help Historian Caryn Devlin hang the banner.

Supervisor Bender wanted to acknowledge Caryn Devlin on her excellent presentation on Saturday, April 24th.  Ms. Devlin unveiled 2 new historic markers in the Town of Marion.

Supervisor Bender spoke next regarding a new sign that is being made by resident, Tom Hunter for the Marion Town Park.  Mr. Hunter wanted the Town Board’s opinion on what color they would like the sign painted.  The Town Board would like the sign painted in the same color (if possible) as the current signs at the Town Park.  The Town Board offered to pay for the paint for this project.

Councilman Bliek spoke next about the Marion Town Park.  There has been more damage done at the park over the past few weeks.  Councilman Bliek would like to see new cameras installed at the park.  The topic will be added to the May 10th agenda.

Councilwoman Smith spoke next regarding the door at the Marion Library that needs to be replaced.  Councilwoman Smith has received 2 quotes and is still in need of a 3rd quote.  Principal Account Clerk, Kathy Cauwels spoke and asked if an RFP (Request for proposal) had been written for this project. The answer was no.  Councilwoman Smith will work with  either Duane Smeatin or Kathy Cauwels to get this done.

Councilwoman Smith also discussed the 2021 Town Board Newsletter.  The newsletter is almost ready to go to print.  Councilwoman Smith is working on getting quotes for this project.

Councilwoman Fisher spoke next regarding the Town Park.  Councilwoman Fisher & Councilwoman Smith spent time at the Town Park and cleaned out the areas that need new mulch.  The Boy scouts will be spreading the mulch that was donated by Dana Luckman in the near future.  Thank you to Mr. Luckman for his donation.  The Boy Scouts are almost finished making new picnic tables for the Town Park.

Councilwoman Fisher also stated she has been working very hard to get a quote for new fencing at the Town Park for the baseball fields.  Principal Account Clerk, Kathy Cauwels asked if an RFP had been done for this project.  Ms. Cauwels offered to help Councilwoman Fisher to complete this project.

Councilwoman Fisher next spoke regarding Port-a-Potties at the Town Park.  The question was asked, does the Town Board want 1 or 2 Port-a-potties.  A decision was made to have 1 handicap accessible Port-a-Potty in the back of the Town Park next to the smaller playground.

Councilwoman Fisher next spoke about baseball equipment that needs to be replaced.  The equipment was stored in the garage at the Town Park.  Councilwoman Fisher would like to see shelves installed in the garage to help keep the equipment off the floor.  The garage is also in need of staining.

Councilwoman Fisher spoke next regarding the open position for Summer Soccer Coordinator and Night Park Supervisor.  Councilwoman Fisher is looking to make these two separate positions and will be working hard to fill both positions.

Supervisor Bender spoke next regarding the toilet in the restroom located in her office.  The toilet is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Councilwoman Fisher stated that her term as a Councilwoman will end on December 31, 2021.  Councilwoman Fisher would like each board member to write a job description for the liaison jobs of the Town Councilperson.  Councilwoman Fisher will work on both Parks & Recreation liaison positions.

Councilwoman Smith spoke next regarding the Code Enforcement Truck.  Councilwoman Smith would like the truck to be parked in the municipal parking lot next to the Elementary School at the end of each workday if the Code Enforcement Officer doesn’t wish to drive the truck home.  Councilman Bliek would like the truck parked at the Highway Department under cover.  A decision was made to have the Code Officer park the truck in the municipal parking lot next to the Wayne County vehicles.  John Lonneville asked why town employees can’t just speak to the Code Enforcement Officer.  Councilwoman Smith stated all town business should be brought before the full board so a discussion and decision can be made on any town business including this one.

With no further business, on a motion by Councilman Bliek and seconded by Councilwoman Smith, Supervisor Bender closed the meeting at 7:40pm.

Next meetings are scheduled for:

Meeting:             Monday, May 10, 2021 @ 6:30pm

Meeting/Workshop:                   Monday, May 24, 2021 @ 6:30pm


Heidi M. Levan, Town Clerk/Clerk of the Board