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Town Board meeting minutes 4.25.22

TOWN BOARD Meeting Notes

Marion Municipal Building

Monday, April 25, 2022


A Town Board meeting of the Town of Marion, Wayne County, NY was held on Monday, April 25, 2022 at the Marion Town Park & Marion Municipal Room.

Supervisor Bender called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and 6:30 pm with a roll call done by Heidi Levan, Clerk of the Board.

PRESENT:                     Jolene Bender, Supervisor

LaVerne Bliek, Councilman

Ronald Lonneville, Councilman

Julie Herman, Councilwoman

Michael Cramer, Councilman – Via Zoom


IN PERSON ATTENDANCE:  Tim Boerman, Highway Superintendent (arrived at 7:15pm); Caryn Devlin.

The Town Board met at 5:30pm at the Marion Town Park to discuss park improvements. The following items were discussed.

Outside of Town Park 

  • Someone has cleaned up around the flower beds however, weeds were left on the ground and not discarded.
  • Mulch is being donated by Dana Luckman, the question was raised as to who will be spreading the new mulch
  • Councilman Lonneville asked if the Highway Department would be maintaining the Town Park for 2022. Tim Boerman was not in attendance to answer.
  • New security cameras are being installed within the next 2 weeks.
  • Drainage projects still not complete

Inside of Town Park

  • Restroom is still being worked on. Highway Department still needs to cut a hole in the floor so plumbing can be completed.
  • New restroom sign needs to be purchased
  • Question, do all refrigerators work?
  • Gas line to Grill/Flat top and Stove/Oven need to be shut off and capped.
  • Grill/Flat top needs to be removed from kitchen by Highway Department, Marion American Legion is taking.
  • Stove/Oven needs to be removed and placed in storage by Highway Department.
  • Pie Chest/cabinet on center counter needs to be removed and disposed of.
  • All kitchen cabinets need to clean.

All work at Town Park really should be done by May 7th which is the first time the main pavilion is being rented for the season. Councilwoman Herman asked if Highway Superintendent Tim Boerman was aware of all that needs to be done and if a list could be created just for the projects that Mr. Boerman needs to complete.  Councilman Lonneville stated he would provide a written list to Mr. Boerman and will share with the Town Board.

The Town Board moved from the Town Park to the Marion Municipal Room and opened up the next part of the meeting at 6:30pm.

Supervisor Bender asked everyone to stand and give the Pledge of Allegiance.

Supervisor Bender next read the following statement:

If you are attending a Town Board Meeting and have not signed up for Public Participation Section of the Town Board Meeting pursuant to the rules which have been established (24 hours prior to start of meeting), then you will not be able to express your opinion. As a courtesy to those who attend the Board Meeting, you are requested not to interrupt the meeting, and refrain from conversation that would interfere with those attending being able to hear the Board transact its business. If in fact someone interferes with the meeting or the conversation with other spectators should require a warning and it is ignored, the person could be charged with Disorderly Conduct. For public hearings, speaking will be limited to topics on the agenda.

If after the Town Board has finished their business, each person in attendance who wishes to speak will be given 3 minutes at the end of the meeting to speak on only topics discussed at the evenings meeting.

Town Business: 

  1. Thomas Hunter – Update Sign Town Park –  Hunter did not attend so no update was given.
  2. Update Town Projects
  3. ARPA Funds
  4. MWBE Policy

Supervisor Bender stated that she spoke to Town Attorney, Art Williams regarding a lease for the Marion Historic Association to use the Marion Museum. Each Board member received a copy to review.  The lease will be discussed at the May 9, 2022 Town Board meeting.  Supervisor Bender also shared an email from Mr. Williams regarding the Minority and Woman owned businesses.  A board discussion took place and an amendment to the Town of Marion Procurement Policy will be on the May 9, 2022 agenda.

Councilman Lonneville next provided an update on Town projects. Supervisor Bender stated the Town Hall is nearing completion and is starting to really look nice.  Supervisor Bender is happy the renovations are being done.

Councilman Lonneville stated the library door should be installed sometime next week.  RFP’s are going to be mailed this week for a new sidewalk to be installed at the Town Park.  Work that needs to be completed at the Town Park is stated above and Highway Superintendent, Tim Boerman is aware.

Councilman Lonneville asked who would be taking care of purchasing cabinets and sink for the new storage area outside of the Supervisor’s office door.  Town Clerk, Heidi Levan stated that she and Principal Account Clerk, Kathy Cauwels will be making the purchases.

Councilman Lonneville spoke next in regard to town drainage projects.  At the intersection of Hall Center Rd. and Goosen Rd. the retraining walls need to be repaired and drainage issues need to be addressed.  Councilman Bliek stated that the Marion Drainage Committee was meeting June 9th at 7pm in the Marion Municipal Room.

Citizens Comments:

Historian Caryn Devlin thanked everyone who attended the Spring Open House at Jennie’s House (Town Museum) on Saturday, April 23rd.  The event was well attended.



  1. Authorize Request for Proposal to Install Sidewalks and ADA Compliant Ramp at the Town Park

Resolution #4162022 Authorize Request for Proposal to Install Sidewalks at the Town Park

On a motion by Councilman Lonneville and seconded by Councilman Cramer

ADOPTED:  Ayes:  5 Bender, Bliek, Lonneville, Herman, Cramer

Nays:  0

The following resolution was adopted

WHEREAS, the Town of Marion is making improvements at the Town Park; and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Marion Town Board directs Town Board member, Ronald Lonneville, to send out a Request for Proposal to have a concrete sidewalk and ADA compliant ramp installed at the park; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Marion Town Board directs the Clerk of the Board to give a copy of this resolution to Ronald Lonneville and the Principal Account Clerk.

At 6:55pm, on a motion by Councilman Cramer and seconded by Councilman Lonneville, the Town Board went back into Executive Session to discuss the employment history of a particular person.  The Executive session closed at 7:35pm.

With no further business, on a motion by Supervisor Bender and seconded by Councilwoman Herman, Supervisor Bender closed the meeting at 7:35pm.

Next meetings are scheduled for:

Meeting/Workshop:                      Monday, May 9, 2022 @ 6:30pm

Meeting/Workshop:             Monday, May 23, 2022 @ 6:30pm


Heidi M. Levan, Clerk of the Board



Marion Town Board