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Planning Board Meeting Minutes October 6, 2020


October 6, 2020

Time: 7:34pm. Fred Walker called the meeting to order.

Present: Fred Walker, Chairman; David Vinke, Dan Brooks, and Mike Fonte
Absent: April Brooks and John Cornell
Also Present: Michael Means, Debra Kinder and Al LaRue
Minutes: Fred Walker asked the board if there was any discussion about the minutes of
August 4, 2020.
David Vinke moved to approve the minutes. Dan Brooks seconded.
All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried. Minutes approved.
New Business: Fred Walker stated that there in one item on tonight’s agenda.
7:37pm – Application #5-20: Kinder Subdivision 4545 Eddy Ridge Rd. Marion, NY — To subdivide the
parcel into 2 lots. Lot R1-A will encompass existing home. Lot R-1B will be developed as new residential lot.
7:38pm – Fred Walker reviewed the application and map provided by applicant.
7:39pm – Fred Walker opened the Public Hearing.
7:42pm – Michael Means, who owns the farmland surrounding the property made note that he was not
notified on the Public Hearing until 4 days prior to the meeting. He did not have sufficient time to hire legal
help as he is opposed to this subdivision.
Mr. Means stated that when his father subdivided the property, he subdivided all lots of 5 acres or
more, however, this stipulation was not stated in any of the sales. Mr. Means is concerned this will
depreciate his lot, when he decides to build on his land, he will have to look at the back of the house and this
is supposed to be rural/agricultural land.
David Vinke stated that legally the property owner can subdivide their lot at any size; it does not have
to be minimum of 5 acres.
Mr. Means would like the application to be tabled so he has time to contact an attorney and research
this further.
7:54pm – Debra Kinder stated her mother and sister currently live in the house on the property and the
reason they are subdividing the land is for her to build a house on the new lot so they can all be close as
they are aging.
8:06 pm – Fred Walker stated that tabling the application would not be in anyone’s best interest. He stated
that talking with the neighbors would be the best way to resolve this and suggested Mr. Means and Ms.
Kinder discuss this.
8:08pm – Mike Fonte asked how much time Mr. Means would need to research this. Mr. Means stated he
would just need to contact an attorney.
8:10pm – Fred Walker closed the public hearing
8:11pm – Fred Walker asked if the board members had any additional questions or comments.
Dan Brooks stated He agrees with Mr. Means, but the application meets all legal requirements.
8:11pm – David Vinke moved to approve Application 5-20. Dan Brooks seconded the motion.
Mike Fonte-Approve with reservations
Fred Walker-Approve
David Vinke-Approve

Dan Brooks-Approve with reservations
All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried Application #5-20 approve
8:13pm – Fred Walker asked if the Board had any old/new business to discuss.
8:57pm – Dan Brooks moved to adjourn. Mike Fonte seconded. Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Angela Patterson, Secretary
Town of Marion Planning Board