May 7, 2019


Time:  7:30pm.  David Vinke called the meeting to order.


Present:   David Vinke, acting chairman; David Knight, Dan Brooks, Carrie Deming, John Cornell and Mike Fonte

Absent Fred Walker

Also Present:    Ron Lonneville


Minutes:  David Vinke asked the board if there was any discussion about the minutes of 

                 February 5, 2019.   No discussion.


Carrie Deming moved to approve the minutes. Mike Fonte seconded.


All in favor.   None opposed.  Motion carried.  Minutes approved.


New Business:  David stated that there are two items on tonight’s agenda.


7:32pm – Application #2-19: Dingman Subdivision 3355 Cory Hill Rd — To subdivide a 4.15acre parcel into 2 lots: Lot 1-1.8 acres and Lot 2-~2.3 acres


7:35pm – There were no significant findings on the SEA form and the application is complete. David Vinke stated the folder also contained the map and the public hearing notice. The map needs to be updated to contain a site location.


7:36pm – Dan Brooks stated that there is an actively farmed parcel across the road from the land, application states no active farming. The Planning Board decided that this would not change the discussion. A letter was sent to Michael Ameele who is farming the property to make him aware of the subdivision and contact information for the Board if he had any concerns.


7:37pm – David Vinke opened, the Public Hearing. 

No comment from members of the public.


7:38pm – David Vinke closed the Public Hearing. 


7:39pm – David Vinke asked if the board members had any additional questions or comments.

There were no additional questions or comments from the board members.


7:41pm – Dan Brooks moved to approve Application 2-19 contingent upon updated maps with site location.  John Cornell seconded the motion.

All approved. None opposed.  Application 2-19 approved.


7:44pm – The next item on the agenda is the Planning Board recommendation to the Zoning Board of Appeals in regards to Application A-1-19: Planning board recommendation to Zoning Board of Appeals re. Stephen Georgia, requesting a special permit for home occupation in an A-C district, to acquire a federal firearms license and car dealership license at 5230 Ridge Chapel Rd Marion, NY.


7:47pm – David Vinke read through the Zoning Board of Appeals contingency towards approving the application


“approve the application under the conditions any vehicles visible from the road must be insured and only 6 cars are to be visible from the road at any given time. In regards to the FFL, the board approves this under the condition that the applicant strictly follows all ATF regulations and guidelines. Signage will be limited to buildings only. The approval of the application is contingent on recommendations from the Wayne County Planning Board and Town of Marion Planning Board.”


7:49pm – After discussion the Marion Planning Board agrees with the Zoning Board of Appeals conditions as it addresses all concerns the Planning Board has.


7:55pm – The Marion Planning Board recommends approval of the application by the Zoning Board of Appeals with the same conditions presented by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Letter will be written for the Zoning Board of Appeals with the recommendations from the Town of Marion Planning Board.


7:56pm – David Vinke asked if the Board had any old/new business to discuss. No old/new business. 


7:58pm- David Knight moved to adjourn.  John Cornell seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Angela Patterson, Secretary

Town of Marion Planning Board