September 3, 2019


Time:  7:30pm.  Fred Walker called the meeting to order.


Present:   Fred Walker, Chairman; David Vinke, David Knight, Dan Brooks, Carrie Deming, and John Cornell 

Absent: Mike Fonte

Also Present:    Greg McMahon, Duane Smeatin, and Chris Springer


Minutes:  Fred Walker asked the board if there was any discussion about the minutes of 

                 May 7, 2019.   No discussion.


David Knight moved to approve the minutes. Carrie Deming seconded.

All in favor.   None opposed.  Motion carried.  Minutes approved.


New Business:  Fred Walker stated that there is one item on tonight’s agenda.


7:31pm – Application #3-19: Scenic Trail Subdivision 4522 Eddy Ridge Rd — To subdivide a 24.33acre parcel into 4 single family residential lots: Lot 1: 4.38 acres, Lot 2: 4.47 acres, Lot 3: 4.91 acres and Lot 4: 10.57acres


7:34pm – There were no significant findings on the SEA form and the application is complete. Fred Walker stated the folder also contained the map and the public hearing notice. 


7:37pm – Fred Walker reviewed the letter of recommendations from the Wayne County Planning Board. The letter is available in the applicant’s folder.


7:45pm – Fred Walker asked if the applicant had future plans in regards to additional land development if this development is successful, Mr. Springer stated not at this time.


7:49pm – Dan Brooks and Carrie Deming stated the item of most concern is emergency vehicle access (driveway width). Applicant stated that they would follow all appropriate ordinances and regulations in this regard.


7:54pm – Fred Walker asked if they had a plan in place for snowplowing. Mr. Springer stated there will be an easement for the four lots that will include both access and utilities.


7:56pm – Fred Walker asked if the septic system would be graded. Greg McMahon stated that they septic systems meet all requirements; two are conventional and two are raised fill. They will be leveling off for evaporation.


7:57pm – Fred Walker opened, the Public Hearing. 

No comment from members of the public.

Fred Walker closed the Public Hearing. 


7:59pm – Fred Walker asked if the board members had any additional questions or comments.

There were no additional questions or comments from the board members.


8:00pm – David Vinke moved to approve Application 3-19 contingent upon the driveway being able to accommodate emergency vehicles and notification of neighboring land owners.  Dan Brooks seconded the motion.

All approved. None opposed.  Application 3-19 approved.


8:10pm – Fred Walker asked if the Board had any old/new business to discuss. No old/new business. 


8:12pm- John Cornell moved to adjourn.  Dan Brooks seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Angela Patterson, Secretary

Town of Marion Planning Board