May 28, 2019


Time:  6:40pm.  Gregg Bell called the meeting to order.


Present:  Gregg Bell; John Lonneville, and Zachary Bartlett

Absent: Daniel Sargent, Andrea Vandergrift, Michael Hershelman and Martha Rich


6:40 pm – Gregg Bell announced that the voting members are Gregg Bell; John Lonneville, and Zachary Bartlett


6:41 pm – Gregg asked the board if they had any comments or questions regarding the previous meeting minutes. No comments.


John Lonneville made a motion to approve the minutes from April 30, 2019. Zachary Bartlett seconded the motion. All in favor.   None opposed.  Motion carried.



New Business:  Gregg Bell stated that there is one item on tonight’s agenda.


6:42pm – The first item is a recommendation to the Town Board of Marion to rezone 4017 N. Main St. Marion, NY from I-1 to M-R


6:44pm –The board discussed the recommendation and noted that there is already a multi family residence on the property.


6:45pm – Zachary Bartlett made a motion to recommend the following to the Town Board of Marion


After speaking with Mr. Schutt regarding the plans of the property at 4017 North Main St. Marion, NY 14505, the board unanimously agrees to recommend approval of the zoning change from I-1 to M-R in order to build a two family apartment building on this location. Mr. Schutt’s proposed plan is allowed within the M-R zone with a special permit from the ZBA. This property contains existing apartments, so the M-R zone is the appropriate re-designation. The ZBA recommends re-zoning 4027 North Main St to M-R to be consistent and to prevent spot zoning as this property also contains a residence.

John Lonneville seconded the motion.


6:47pm – Gregg Bell asked the board if they had any additional questions of comments


6:48pm – All approved. None opposed. Motion carried recommendation will be made to the Town Board.


6:49pm – No new business


6:50pm – John Lonneville moved to adjourn the meeting.  Zachary Bartlett seconded.  Meeting adjourned



Respectfully submitted,

Angela Patterson, Secretary

Town of Marion Zoning Board of Appeals