February 27, 2017



Time:  7:02pm.  Gregg Bell called the meeting to order.


Present:  Gregg Bell; Zachary Bartlett, Michael Hershelman, Daniel Sargent, John Lonnevilleand Andrea Vandergrift

Absent:  Martha Rich


7:04 pm – Gregg asked the board if they had any comments or questions regarding the previous meeting minutes. No comments.


Michael Hershelman made a motion to approve the minutes from December 26, 2017. Andrea Vandergrift seconded the motion. All in favor.   None opposed.  Motion carried.



New Business:  Gregg Bell stated that the only item on the agenda is to discuss the Castile Solar Energy System local law amending the Zoning law of the town of Castileto regulater solar energy systems. This reason for this discussion is to make a recommendation to the Town Board of Marion if this law can be implented in the Town of Marion.


7:07pm – Gregg Bell stated after review of the Castile local law with the Zoning Board of Marion it is agreed that little to no change needs to be made to the law to adopt it in Marion. The only change that needs to occue is to personalize the Zoning districts for the Town of Marion..


7:20pm – Michael Hershelman made a motion to recommend to the Town Board of Marion that the Castile Solar Energy Systems law be adopted in the Town with changes made to meet Marion zoning districts. Daniel Sargent seconded the motion


All in favor.   None opposed.  Motion carried.


7:21pm – No additional old business


7:22pm – Daniel Sargent moved to adjourn the meeting.  John Lonneville seconded.  Meeting adjourned



Respectfully submitted,

Angela Patterson, Secretary

Town of Marion Zoning Board of Appeals