TOWN BOARD Meeting Notes

Marion Municipal Room

Thursday, January 3, 2019


A Town board meeting of the Town of Marion, Wayne County, NY was held on

Thursday, January 3, 2019 in the Marion Municipal Room.


Supervisor Deming called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.


PRESENT:               Debbie Smith, Councilwoman

Joan Fisher, Councilwoman

Ronald Lonneville, Councilman

Vern Bliek, Councilman

Nick Deming, Supervisor



OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE: Michele Kolosek and Carrie Gorton

Supervisor Deming called the meeting to order at 4:00pm and asked for a roll call.

Supervisor Deming mentioned that there have been many meetings and discussions regarding the Marion Recreation Department Youth Basketball program.  Most of these meetings have been held in Executive session.  Supervisor Deming asked the Town Board, as well as the two attendees, if they minded this be in an open public hearing format.  All parties agreed, and the meeting was held open.

Supervisor Deming asked resident, Carrie Gorton to speak first.  Ms. Gorton expressed her concern with the Town of Marion Recreation Youth Basketball program.  She is displeased with the coaching staff and the teams and how the teaching has been handled.  Ms. Gorton had volunteered for a coaching position and later stepped back from this position.

Supervisor Deming asked resident, Michele Kolosek to speak next.  Ms. Kolosek is the Marion Recreation Coordinator for Baseball and Basketball.  Ms. Kolosek expressed her concerns about Ms. Gorton.  She was displeased in the manner the coaching had been in the beginning of the season.  At one point, Ms. Kolosek had asked Ms. Gorton to step down from the coaching position.  This action started many conversations between Town Board members, parents of players and Ms. Gorton.

The Marion Town board members asked questions of Ms. Gorton and Ms. Kolosek.

The Town Board then excused Ms. Kolosek & Ms. Gorton and went into executive session at 5pm on a motion from Councilman Lonneville and seconded by Councilwoman Smith.

With no further business, on a motion by Councilman Lonneville and seconded by Councilwoman Smith, Supervisor Deming recessed the meeting at 5:53 pm.

Next meetings are scheduled for:

Meeting:                                 Monday, January 14, 2019 @ 6:30pm



Heidi Levan, Town Clerk/Clerk of the Board