Public Hearing September 12, 2016

Public Hearing
Marion Municipal Room
September 12, 2016

A Public Hearing was held at the Marion Municipal Room, 3827 North Main Street, Marion, NY on the 12th day of September, 2016 at 7:00pm for the purpose of hearing all persons for or against the Intent to Apply for Restore NY Funding for Main Street Marion Revitalization.

Supervisor Deyo stated the Town Board would like to submit an application for the Restore NY project funding for Main Street Revitalization. Councilman Lonneville stated he is working with developers, Tom Salviski and Darren Pynn.
The grant is to update the facades on South Main Street properties from the Marks to the insurance agency. The grant will not cover properties that are occupied. The goal is to get the Town of Marion looking more presentable to attract developers and businesses. Councilman Lonneville stated the grant would pay 90% and the owners pay 10%. The maximum of the grant is $500,000. Our estimate is $300,000.

Bob Kase asked if it would be cheaper to chop out that section and start over. That is not an option. Councilman Fonte asked if an option might be to set some of the money aside to use on properties if they become vacant. No, a grant can only be used for what was specified in the application.

With no further questions or comments, Supervisor Deyo closed the Public Hearing at 7:11pm.

Deborah D. Smith, Town Clerk/Clerk of the Board