January 3, 2017

Time:  7:30m.  Fred Walker called the meeting to order

Present:   Fred Walker, chairman; William VanDeWeghe, David Vinke, David Knight, Dan Brooks, John Cornell and Carrie Deming

Minutes:  Fred Walker asked the board if there was any discussion about the minutes of December 6, 2016. No discussion. Dan Brooks moved to approve the minutes. David Vinke seconded.  All in favor.   None opposed.  Motion carried. Minutes approved.

New Business: Fred stated that there are one items on tonight’s agenda, a tabled application from last meeting.

7:31pm – Application 7-16: John Williams—5177 Russell Rd. Marion, subdividing 4.721 acres into 2 lots: Lot 1: 3.429 acres; Lot 2: 1.292 acres. To separate the parcel into two parcels one to stay with the house and barn and the other for farm land.

7:32pm – CEO of Marion determined that there are water lines on the property and an X has been hand drawn on the map provided where the septic system is on the property but no dimensions or boundaries were given.

7:34pm –Dan Brooks expressed concern that because the location of the septic system is just an X on the map it can easily be changed when the Mylar is finalized.

7:36pm – William VanDeweghe stated that we need to have dimensions of the septic system as it could affect future development, the main concern is changing the boundary lines without the septic dimensions.

7:39pm –David Vinke states typically we do not see the septic field on the map for a subdivision. It is a farm behind the property so the will be no development at this time. John Cornell stated that the elevation makes a difference also and because the grade is towards the road it should have no effect of future development.

7:45pm – Fred Walker made a motion to approve the application based on the contingency that the boundaries and dimensions of the existing septic system and leach fields are shown on the map with relation to the new property lines and item D2 on the application is completed.

7:49pm –Fred Walker asked if the board members had any additional questions or comments. No additional questions or comments from the board members.

7:50pm – Fred Walker moved to approved Application 7-16 based on the contingency stated above. Carrie Deming seconded the motion. All approved. None opposed. Application 7-16 approved with contingency.

7:52 pm- David Knight moved to adjourn. Dan Brooks seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Angela Patterson, Secretary

Town of Marion Planning Board