Marion PH law #2 September 11, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017
Marion Municipal Room

Supervisor Deyo opened the Public Hearing at 7:30PM. The purpose of the Public Hearing was to hear all persons for or against the proposed Local Law # 2 2017– Property Nuisance Abatement Law

PRESENT: LaVerne Bliek Councilman
Michael Fonte Councilman
Ronald Lonneville Councilman
Monica Deyo Supervisor
Deborah Smith Clerk of the Board

ABSENT: Nathan Kauffman Councilman

OTHERS PRESENT: Perry Howland, reporter for Sun and Record; Jeff Cragg, Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator; Tim Boerman, Highway Superintendent; Duane Smeatin, Code Enforcement Officer; Joan Fisher, Heidi Jensen, Nick Deming, Joe Mander, Randy Balliet and Ray Seppeler residents and 15 par-gov students.

Supervisor Deyo stated this law replaces the Local Law #1 – 2015.
Councilman Bliek asked if it makes a difference where on the property the junk is. Art Williams, Town Attorney, stated if it is enclosed and not visible, it would not be a problem. Some municipalities have issues with stuff piled up on open porches. You really can’t do anything about that. Outside on the property – if it on the property it is visible, it is in violation. If it is enclosed or fenced it, it is not a violation.

With no further questions or comments, Supervisor Deyo closed the Public Hearing at 7:31pm.

Deborah D. Smith, Town Clerk/Clerk of the Board