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June 2011 Planning Board Minutes

June 7, 2011

TIME: 7:30 p.m. Fred Walker called meeting to order.

PRESENT: Fred Walker – Chairman, David Knight, David Vinke, Sam Malone, William VanDeWaghe. Absent: John Cornell and Dan Brooks.

MINUTES: Fred Walker called for discussion on the minutes of the May 3, 2011 meeting.
No discussion.

Sam Malone moved to accept the minutes of May 3, 2011. David Vinke seconded.

No further discussion.

All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried. Minutes approved.

Public Hearing - Nevelezer Subdivision, application 2-11, M&W Farm Real Estate, 6051 S. Centenary Road, Williamson, NY (applicant); Larry & Janette Nevelezer (landowners), 5046 Williamson Road, Marion, NY. Proposed minor subdivision of one (1) existing parcel of 2.051 acres into to two (2) parcels: first parcel of 1.3 acres, and second parcel of 0.75 acres. Larry & Janette Nevelezer present. Brian Maynard present.

There are no sewers, wetlands or bodies of water on or near the property. The property is not in a flood hazard area. There are waterlines near or on the property.

There are no restrictions or protective covenants contemplated and no waivers or exceptions will be requested. This parcel of land is located within Agricultural District 1. This parcel is not actively farmed.

There is one farm operation that is within 500 feet of proposed subdivision: M & W Farms, and is actively farmed.

The Short Environmental assessment form has been completed. The proposed project complies with existing zoning regulations.

Sam Malone opened discussion with board members about the slight discrepancies of the acreage listed between the maps, the application, and the Short Environmental Assessment Form. Fred Walker stated that when the application is filed, the exact acreage might not be available to the applicant until the final engineered maps are finished.

The mylar and four copies of the plans were presented. The board reviewed the maps and noted that the site location map had been added, as requested.

The minor discrepancies in the area measurements were corrected and initialed by Brian Maynard.

The Wayne County Planning Board reviewed the proposed subdivision at their meeting on May 25, 2011 and determined there was no inter-municipal or countywide impact.

TIME: 7:44 Fred Walker opened the Public Hearing. There was no further discussion from the public or from the board members. The Public Hearing was closed.

Time: 7:45 Dave Knight moved to approve the subdivision. William VanDeWaghe seconded.

No Discussion. All in Favor. None Opposed. Motion carried. Subdivision Approved.

Fred Walker stated that the signed and stamped mylar could be picked up at the Marion Zoning office on Wednesday morning, June 8. The mylar and one copy of the map are required to be filed with the Wayne County clerk.

Old Business

TIME: 7:50

Proposed Walworth R-V Park update.
Sam Malone attended the Walworth Planning Board meeting that was scheduled for May 9, 2011.
He stated that further review of the proposed application for the R-V park was postponed as requested by the project engineer.

Instruction booklet revision.
Sam Malone will e-mail the final draft of the revised instruction booklet to secretary.

Meeting notices.
The board discussed posting workshop and meeting notices for both the planning and the zoning boards in an
outside window of either the Municipal Room or Town Hall to better inform the town residents.

Notices of planning board workshops and meetings will be distributed and posted by the 15th of each month.

TIME: 8:00 pm. Dave Vinke moved to adjourn. Sam Malone seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Hill, Secretary

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