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The Wayne County Highway Department & Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority along with the Town of Marion Officials have scheduled a public information meeting for Tuesday, December 15th @ 7:00pm at the Marion Elementary School Auditorium The purpose of this meeting is to provide information regarding the 2016 project which will include replacing the waterline and reconstruction of the road between Sunset Drive and NYS Route 21 North. Residents are encouraged to attend

Wayne County Highway Department Project Notice
North Main Street Project

September 15, 2016

To: North Main Residents, Business Owners

We would like to thank you for your patience in the past few months as we continue to rebuild North Main Street.

All underground drainage and water main have been installed and we are currently waiting for the contractor for the installation of concrete gutters as well as RG&E to connect services for the new gas main.

If the weather cooperates, we should have a contractor arriving on site to prep for the gutters on Tuesday, September 27th. This work will cause a major inconvenience to all of you because we need to prep for the gutters and then pour the concrete which means not being able to enter your driveway. The concrete gets poured through the driveways and you will not be able drive on them for three days. The County plans to pour one side of the road at a time to allow for property owners to park in the street. Please remember that we must maintain access for fire, ambulance, garbage pickup and school busses during this time. We will have the road closed to all other vehicles. Tom Walton (Project Foreman) will notify you of which side of the road will be poured first. If you choose to park in the street, please be available to move your vehicle if needed. If you do not want to park in the street, the Town Highway Barns can accommodate as well as Park Drive and the gravel area south of Crop Production Services (former Stanton Ag). Please do not block driveways or doors.

Please notify us if you feel you can’t make adequate arrangements. We will try to be flexible as long as we know your situation.

Once the concrete gutters are installed (week of September 26th), pavement milling / replacement (October 1-6), topsoil and driveway restoration will soon follow.

If at any time you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 946-5600 or contact Tom Walton on the job site.

Very Truly Yours,

Brian Frey
Wayne County Highway Engineering Department

Wayne County Department of Public Works
7227 Route 31, Lyons NY 14489

North Main Street Marion Project 2016

The Wayne County Highway Department is preparing to reconstruct a portion of North Main Street within the Hamlet of Marion. The work will be completed by the Wayne County Highway and Water Authority, with the exception of the concrete gutter and pavement milling and placement which will be performed by sub-contractors under the County’s supervision.

Project Description

The project area is located on North Main Street between Sunset Drive and NYS Route 21 north.

Our objective for this project is to:

• Improve the current drainage concerns by installing a closed drainage system and concrete gutters
• Improve the cross slope of the roadway
• Replace the existing water main

This project will include adding buried drainage pipe along the shoulder of the road, pavement milling, concrete gutter installation and asphalt paving.

*Note: Sidewalks are not part of this project.

Project Schedule

It is the County Highway Departments intent to begin work by mid May or as soon as weather permits. The project is expected to be complete by late summer.

Maintenance of Traffic

During the construction period, the roadway will be open to local traffic (residents & businesses). Detours will be signed for pass through traffic. During the placement of the concrete gutters and sidewalk, residents will be asked to park along the roadside while the concrete is curing (3-4 days). Residents will be notified in advance of any temporary driveway closures and the County construction crews will make all efforts to accommodate the residents. There may be some delays and or temporary parking restrictions. We ask that you please be patient with us and that we will accommodate you to your home in everyway possible.

Project Contacts

The following persons can be contacted for questions or concerns before and during construction:

Kevin Rooney – County Highway Superintendent 315 946-5600
Brian Frey – Wayne County Engineering Department 315 946-5603
Tom Walton – Construction Foreman 315-573-6745

If there are any other concerns, please feel free to address them with one of the following persons listed above.

It is the County’s recommendation to take a drive and look at the Walworth Road Hamlet (Walworth Marion Rd to Sherburne Rd) and Knickerbocker Rd (104 to Ridge) projects that we have completed in the past to get a visual of a completed project.

Marion Highway Department

Highway Superintendent: Timothy Boerman Highway Superintendent: Timothy Boerman

Phone: (315) 926-4201 Email: tboerman@rochester.rr.com




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